Weekly Summary 11/1

I had a lot of fun with video week. My group and I worked to plan a video story and we got super inspired. Video editing is actually simpler than I thought it would be since I had some problems with audio in the past weeks.

I would be open to the idea of making more in depth video essays that analyze more content than shots. I particularly like exploring themes and culture. I think it’s fun to try to match up video cues to audio or vice versa because it’s pretty satisfying to watch.

My trailer came out cuter than I thought though. I was worried about making a trailer without much footage yet, but I gave it my best attempt. iMovie has been super helpful to me and I’m looking forward to filming our mini movie this weekend. I know it will come out great.

Mini Movie Planning

Beetlejuice! Short Shot Analysis

Mini Movie Trailer

Here are some daily creates: