Weekly Summary 10/11

This week kicked off our planning for our radio show groups! I met up with my group and they all are kind, helpful, and very creative. I’m excited to see how our podcast turns out. In a way, I kind of got my wish for the show, which was to analyze movies through different lenses. We still have plenty of work to do for it, but we are definitely off to a good start. For more info, check out my radio show progress post!

I had to do audio assignments again, which I am not a fan of, but I tried my best. I completed exactly ten stars.

An A Capella Attempt

Imagine You’re On the Beach…

Kool-Aid Commercial

Overall, it wasn’t a difficult week. I enjoyed meeting with my group and planning out radio show. I also commented on a fair few of blogs as well! I love seeing where other people are going with their ideas.

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