“Sanctuary” from Kingdom Hearts 2 but it’s coming from another room

This assignment challenged me to edit a song to make it sound muffled as it was coming from a different room! This is worth three stars.

I have never used audio editing software before so it was definitely a learning experience. I downloaded Audacity, a free audio mixing application. I followed this YouTube tutorial to create this effect. I selected the song “Sanctuary” by Hikaru Utada because I think it’s very beautiful and ethereal sounding song. I thought it would sound really cool from a distance.

The first effect that I added was called a “low-pass filter” The tutorial gave me certain numbers to input in this section, but I also played around with a few to see how it would change. Once I applied the filter, the audio sounded significantly more muffled. It already sounded like it was coming from a different room, but I decided to mess with it more and add distortion and reverb for more of an echo-y effect.

You’re 8 years old tucked into your bed and your older sibling and their friend are sitting on the couch in the room over at 1am playing the Kingdom Hearts 2 opening song over and over again because they finally beat it after several hours of attempting the final boss

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  1. I’m gonna remember that effect for next time! I saw this assignment, but I had played around with effects so much for other assignments and never stumbled across the way to get the “playing from another room” sound effect, so I didn’t do this one.

    It sounds so eerie; but I agree that this particular song works well with the assignment. I love the ethereal quality that the songs from KH have. It definitely sounds far away, and that fits the KH theme!

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