Sadcat Superimposition

When you finish a really good video game and you don’t know what to do with yourself

This is a 4.5 star mashup assignment where you have to superimpose images over another one. Personally, I can’t take superimposed photos seriously. They all look like memes. So I made a meme.

I took the final screen you see in one of my favorite video games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild first. It’s meant to symbolize the general feeling of completing a game, and this was the first one to come to mind. There’s a general feeling of emptiness and satisfaction when you beat a really long video game, so I made this silly picture to go with it. I put the photo in an online photo editor first.

Then, I added layers with more images. I picked photos of edited “sad cats” which are just cats with sad watery eyes on them and lowered the opacity to superimpose them on top of the landscape.

My mini story is the meme caption I wrote above! It sums up what it’s like to finish a game in an image.