I’m a Writer, Not a Designer

For my first rework, I decided to re-do my club poster.

This time, I went for a completely different feel. The first time I did this design assignment, I went for a minimalist look. The end result looked a little crammed and I wasn’t thrilled with the colors. A classmate, Melody, left me a comment with design suggestions on my last post, so I tried to follow them in this poster. This one has a more elegant feel to it.

I used Pixlr instead of the site I used last time and I found this stock image of an ink pen that was perfect for the Creative Writing Club aesthetic. I really tried to think about the arrangement and size of the words. I wanted it to be legible and pleasing to the eye. I added a filter that muted the colors a bit and added a tasteful vignette.

I think this poster is much nicer than the last, and it also has updated information about where the club meets!

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