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This is a design assignment worth 3 stars! For this assignment, I was tasked to create a poster for an event! As the secretary and social media director of UMW’s Creative Writing Club, I designed a minimalist-style event poster for our weekly meetings!

I made this poster on, which seems to be my savior this week. I drew a book and pen and the site gave me options to choose from some nice icons. I made sure to include the most important details about the club such as the meeting time and place as well as our email! I also wanted to put our Twitter and Instagram info on there, but I feel like the poster would have looked too busy if I put it on there. I also wasn’t sure how to center everything nicely.

For the colors, I didn’t want to put anything on that was too bright, but I still wanted it to pop. I chose pastel pink and white over a gray background so you can clearly read everything. The icons are simple and convey what we do at Creative Writing Club which is you know…write!

This assignment was relaxing and useful to get my club some publicity! Email if you’re interested in joining!

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  1. I think you did a great job with making the poster clean and readable, and the colors work well together! Pink or red pretty much always looks good with black/white/grey’s. Twitter and Instagram probably would have cluttered it, but sometimes us designers have to squeeze in info like that, and one way to do that is to create a grid, or have more than one column of info.

    Playing with font size and typefaces also helps. You might have ‘UMW Creative Writing Club’ really big in serif font and the other info in small sans-serif font for example. Type is just an element on the page, and it takes awhile to rearrange elements to see what looks best. The only other suggestion I would say is that pages look good with big margins, so you could have a little more breathing room between the text and the edge of the page. But that’s just nit-picking. The minimalism is working though, and if I weren’t drowning in work, I’d probably join your writing club! My posts are long-winded enough.

    But yeah, design is fun, right? Haha.

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