My Very Own Face

For this challenge, I had to stare at my face in mirror for one minute and describe it as detailed and as honestly as I could!

Freckles, freckles, and freckles are scattered around everywhere on her heart-shaped face. The tip of her nose, the bottom of her lips, and all about her forehead was littered with constellations and little specks of brown. Sweeping pieces of brown hair with bits of purple shadowed her forehead, obscuring the crater scars of past acne that she hopes will fade eventually. Her bangs weren’t perfectly even, but no one but her would notice. Thick, dark brows that appeared haphazardly maintained arched over her gray-blue eyes. Underneath her stormy eyes, little purple pockets, well, eye-bags impose a “haven’t slept” look on her face even though she very well always chooses sleep over work. Although too young for wrinkles, tiny lines creep put from where she smiles a crunched up and squinty smile, showing straight teeth achieved after years of being a brace-face. Her nose, larger than average, is a tent smack in the middle of her face, sporting a bump that gives her nose a slightly irregular shape.

This assignment puts me at 13 stars! Yay! I tried to be as least narcissistic as possible and to honestly describe my face in an interesting way. The way I wrote this could probably serve as an overly descriptive picture of a character in a book or something.

Heathers Haiku

Here is a quick thematic one star assignment. Another one of my favorite 80s movies is Heathers, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The movie has since been turned into a musical! A quick synopsis before the haiku…

The dark comedy centers around Veronica, a popular girl in high school who surrounds herself with three other girls all named Heather. They are a clique who most people in school either hate or want to be. Veronica begins to be interested with a strange classmate named J.D. who turns out be a lot stranger then she initially thought as she gets roped into committing murder.

No hangover cure
Not actually oral sex
A school-wide explosion

Spoiler warning! Don’t read if you want to watch Heathers and don’t want to know what happens! (even though this is an 80s movie)

All three lines of this haiku reference the lies or schemes that J.D. plans in the movie to commit various murders with the help of Veronica. I thought these three would sort of tie the film together thematically due to the escalation that occurs. In the beginning, Veronica seeks revenge on Heather Chandler but J.D. actually serves Heather drain cleaner, telling her it will cure her hangover from the party the prior night. Veronica was horrified by this, but attempts to cover up the murder anyway. Next, J.D. and Veronica lure the school bullies, Kurt and Ram into the woods promising oral sex, but instead, J.D. shoots them, further terrifying Veronica. Since the haiku is only three lines, I had to sacrifice some events, but the last crime J.D. commits is to blow up the high school, serving as a dramatic ending to the film.

Currently at: 11 stars out of 12

Mother Knows Best

This writing assignment calls for writing a scene from a movie from a different perspective. What is more fun than writing as the villain? The scene I’m interpreting is from the movie Tangled featuring Rapunzel and Mother Gothel. This scene takes place when Mother Gothel confronts Rapunzel alone in the woods to try to convince her to go back home with her. Instead of Rapunzel’s perspective, I’m going to try portraying Gothel.

It was already becoming clear to me that this could definitely be a problem. I lurked in the bushes, watching Rapunzel speak to that ridiculous thief, Flynn Rider. As the two of them talked and joked by the fireside, I recognized my worst fear: Flynn Rider, a lowly thief was falling in love with my flower. I backed away and peered into the river lit by the moon. Little scraggly pieces of silver hair glinted back at my scowling face. I gently touched my face, feeling the unfamiliar wrinkles I’ve managed to avoid for hundreds of years.

I heard the fading of Flynn’s voice and I quickly rose up from the side of the river. Flynn wandered away, giggling and I recoiled in disgust. It was time to get myself back.

“Oh Rapunzel?” I called out innocently.

“Mother!” She jumped in surprise and a hint of fear. Her fun little adventure was over now.

Confidently, I stepped into the firelight, hiding the satchel containing Flynn’s coveted crown.

“You have directly disobeyed me and I was worried sick, my flower!” I said sternly.


I eyed her shining hair. If only I could just cut it, and I would never have to deal with this petulant girl again.

“That’s enough, Rapunzel,” I whispered. “We’re going home now. You’ve already been exposed to so much danger.”

Mother, I think Flynn…might actually like me,” Rapunzel said hesitantly. Her voice was soft and quiet.

“Likes you? Please Rapunzel, that’s demented. This is why you never should have left!” I strut around her bringing my wrinkled hand to my forehead. “This whole romance that you’ve invented just proves you are too naive to be here…” How could she be this stupid?

I caught Rapunzel’s eyes watering and she consciously looked down at her feet.

“But Mother…” She squeaked.

“You really think he’s impressed? Come on now look at you.” I lift up her precious hair and pass by her, anger bubbling inside me at her defiance.

“Don’t be a dummy, come with mummy…Mother knows best!” I finish my warning.


I whip my head back to stare at Rapunzel. “No?”

This was the final straw. She was going to see things my way now. I knew I was starting to run out of time.

“I see how it is, if your man is such a dreamboat and you’re so mature now, then go ahead and give him this!” I brandished the glimmering crown at Rapunzel.

“How did you-?” She started.

“This is why he’s here, don’t let him deceive you…Give it to him and watch, you’ll see!” I began to raise my voice. I tossed the crown to her.

“I will!” Rapunzel challenged, grasping the crown tightly.

Trust me my dear, that’s how fast he’ll leave you! I won’t say I told you so,” I hollered. “Now put him to the test!”

Rapunzel backed away, Her face flushed and her eyes dripping slightly.

“And remember…Mother knows best.”

This scene is the reprise of Mother Knows Best. I tried my best but I didn’t transfer every lyric perfectly to this. I tried to add some thought process to Gothel and make it more personal by writing it in first person. It was kind of difficult to depict the sheer tension and drama that the song holds from the movie. I’ll embed the scene below.

This assignment is 4 stars, which puts me at 10 stars total so far!

Back to the Future I guess

This writing assignment requires me to take the synopsis of a T.V. show, movie or book and rewrite the plot in a way where the plot is still factually the same, but feels very different. Here is my take:

A young man named Marty gets into a pretty cool looking car but when he gets out, he ends up in a world in which he hasn’t been born yet. As he tries to find a way back to his time, Marty attempts to stay away from his young, hot mom hitting on him and to help his nerdy dad get a date to prom. If his parents don’t dance together then Marty dies. Marty enlists the help of a crazy old guy and they decide Marty needs to ruin a perfectly good clock to generate the power he needs to make that cool looking car to run correctly again. Will Marty avoid losing all of this body parts and still make it back to where he came from?

As you may have guessed, this is my attempt to remix the plot from Back to the Future. This is one of my favorite movies from the 80s and I thought it would be fun to remix considering how strange it already sounds on it’s on. There is obviously a lot of detail I was forced to leave out considering the nature of the assignment as a synopsis, but I might use Back to the Future for a different assignment later in the semester because I love it so much. I tried to be as dramatic as possible. I thought the thumbnail featuring The Wizard of Oz for this assignment was hysterical, so check that out if you’re interested.

This assignment is 2.5 stars which puts me at 6 stars so far. Until next time!

Dear Meg’s Future Husband

Dear Meg’s Future Husband,

First of all, I love you. Second of all, do the dishes please I hate it so much and I probably left some dirty ones in the sink just for you. Don’t worry though because I washed all of your underwear. Equivalent exchange is important a relationship you know. We will always talk and make compromises if we don’t agree. I never want to go to sleep after a fight. I want to know your thoughts and feelings so I can love you properly and truly. Being together is just easy. But listen, in case you haven’t figured it out already, there are a few things that I absolutely will not compromise in our lives together.

  • We need a really cool game room featuring a table for board games and two set-ups for our video games.
  • I want pretty fairy lights. everywhere!
  • Thanksgiving always has to be with my family because our dinner is probably better (no offense)
  • Snuggling is always unless I don’t feel like it.
  • Please make me grilled cheese

It’s a pretty short list, so I’m sure you can do it. I’m excited because I know everything we do together is going to be so fun! I know you love to travel like me so we’ll definitely go to as many cool places in the world as we can before we settle down and get a black cat and a brown curly dog. I’m thinking Japan, Italy, France, and England to start! Also amusement parks and roller coasters are one of my favorite things so we have to go to a bunch of those as well. I realize a lot of these things require money, but even if we can’t do them all right away, I’ll be happy as long as I’m with you.

Let’s talk kids. Two is the magic number but three might be fine. I want daughters but you’ll probably want a son and we can’t really control that kind of thing so I guess that’s all I can say on that. We’ll raise them to be strong individuals who can like whatever they want, regardless of gender. We’ll definitely be playing our favorite retro video games with them. They’ll be really cute, really good kids I know it.

Honestly Future Husband, I know you can do no wrong. If I chose you then I know you’re everything I could ever want.

Love and forever yours,


This is a 3.5 star writing assignment in which I had to write a letter to my future spouse! I had fun with this one because I know what I want in my future and I’m already excited to be living in it. I can be even more specific if I wanted to. I know what I want the names of my pets and kids to be but I’ll keep those to myself. I really enjoy writing pieces that make me or others feel warm and encourage positivity. I hope I didn’t sound too pushy in my letter, but I know my future husband will love me for whatever I am. I’ve got high expectations!