Day and Night

For my last assignment of the week, I’m choosing the two star assignment, “Switch Up the Mood” It will finish the week off for me with 12.5 stars!

Here’s the photo I started with. It’s a picture of my dad and I playing a paddle game on the beach a few years ago. I wanted to see if it was possible for me to change up the image so it looked like a different time of day.

Here’s what I came up with. I shifted to make the blacks and the shadows of the photo while also adjusting the contrast. The end product looks more like twilight or a night with a bright moon than the original sunset photo. Another tool I implemented was to lower the “temperature” of the photo and introduce cool colors to signify the lack of daylight. Realistically, if you took an image at twilight, you wouldn’t be able to see the figures in the photo well either, so my edit turned out true in that way. I used again to edit this photo! I definitely think the mood of the photo changed by darkening it significantly.


I really wanted to try out pixel art after seeing someone else do it. I used an amazing website called that lets you make pixel art directly on the site. So I’ve already mentioned that I like Dirty Dancing, and I thought Baby would make a cute model. This is my rendition of Baby in her little pink dress of the end of the movie.

This assignment called to make 16-bit art, so on the website I adjusted the frame to be 16×16! I started with a square of tan for the shape of her head and I filled in a blob around her for hair. At first, everything just looked extremely blocky, so I tried adding in some additional shades and make her hair stick out in places to create a sort of curly effect. I also followed the part of her hair the best I could.

The next challenge was to make her head connect to her body right. Making a face is one thing, but adding a body was more difficult than I thought it would be. I tried adding a different shade of tan to differentiate her neck from her chest and added the straps of her dress to form where her shoulders are. I attempted to shade in dress folds with the pink as well!

This assignment actually got me more interested in trying more difficult pixel art. I really appreciate the complexity of the art form, and when I play SNES games, I think about how time-consuming it must have been to animate sprites.

This assignment is worth 3.5 stars, so I’m at 7 stars so far.

Recreated Movie Scenes and Posters

My roommate Kenzie and I spend most of our nights hanging out and watching romance movies or bad movies in our dorm at night and one day, we attempted to recreate some scenes and posters from them!

Lala Land (2016)

This image is of a scene from Lala Land as well as the iconic picture from the movie poster. This is Kenzie and I’s favorite movie, and for some reason we saw the lamp posts on the UMW campus and decided to reenact this scene. It turned out really cute, but if I could re do it I would take it at night with some costumes as well as frame it like the poster does. The poses were surprisingly difficult to get right. We had to snap the picture as we jumped into that dancing pose.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

In this one we were laughing too hard to get that same expression that Augustus and Hazel have in this movie poster. It was also very bright outside.

To relate to our theme, this is a photo I took this week for Sixteen Candles also known as one of the most politically incorrect movies of the 80s that’s not even that good. That aside, it’s got an iconic movie poster. This one turned out great!

This assignment is worth 3.5 stars! This is the beginning of week 3 assignments for me!

80s Battle Angels?

Good evening everyone! Get ready for a weird visual assignment I completed today.

My task was to edit some weird eyes on people akin to anime characters or Alita: Battle Angel…Although I got a little crazy with the photo editor. Assignment link located HERE

I’m not very experienced with photo editing, so I wanted to try something silly before I jump in to creating art or something with little room for mistakes.

I decided to give some popular 80s movie characters a new bug-eyed look along with doing some interesting face twisting for your viewing pleasure.

Doc and Marty, but creepier

I went on to Pixlr to see what I could do to enlarge the eyes in the photo and there was luckily, an enlargement tool. Easy enough. However, things got funky with the Breakfast Club kids when I found twisty tools in the editor.

No wonder these students were outcasts at their school…

I made myself laugh this morning making these so I hope you guys smile too. It’s amazing what a little twisting can do to make someone unrecognizable and artificial. It’s like backwards airbrushing that celebrities do to their photos.

I didn’t think anything could ruin Patrick Swayze. I stand corrected.

For my take on Dirty Dancing here, I discovered the minimizing tool. By enlarging the eyes, making other features smaller became even better. Baby is one of my favorite movie characters because I’ve always thought she was adorable! Now look what I’ve done to her!

On a deeper level, even though I made silly pictures, it was interesting to look at the faces of such iconic characters and see what I could do to twist them up. Even just enlarging the eyes made such a difference in dismantling their perfect idealized movie appearance. If you are ever feeling down about how you look, try this out!