Create Your Own Character INFOMERCIAL REMIX 2

So this is my second remix assignment. The original is a fanfic assignment where you have to design an original character! However, my remix was to make it sound like an infomercial! I thought this was an interesting e challenge so here we go:

Are you tired of boring, good two-shoes Mary-sue characters? Do you want a character who’s not the generic trope “not like other girls?”

Meet Himawari (nicknamed Hima). Born in Huntington Beach, CA, she is a Japanese-American girl who is a college student in 1989. She is tanned to California perfection with long healthy dark hair. She acts very mature around her parents and peers but she is honestly very childish! But this can be charming too right?

She identifies as bisexual, she has no siblings, and she’s prone to being selfish and competitive. Hima looks for the opportunity for spontaneous adventure in her everyday life, but it never really comes. For two small payments of $500, write this character into your original story! She prides herself on her outgoing personality despite becoming lonely easily. Hima has tall skinny legs and strong arms, built for surfing and her part-time job as a waitress. She is going to community college until she’s a junior because she doesn’t know what she’s passionate about yet. Call now for this interesting character!

This kind of ended up sounding like a trailer or a character bio. It was hard to work in flaws even though I’m “selling” her like an informercial.