Illustrating a Song

This is another 2 star assignment that finishes my week with 16.5 stars! I had to make a design representing a song without writing any words.

I made this using to represent one of my favorite songs, Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. This is actually three stock images lined up against each other in separate layers. I cut them out to fit together in this way using the cutout tool. It was really tricky trying to cut them all out nicely to fit this way.

This song is very ethereal and beautiful. It compares lots of aspects of love to parts of space. I thought these images would make a cute cover photo for the song. I love how the lighting on the two hands work with the firework heart in the middle. This felt almost more like a visual assignment than a design one, but I think I’m getting better at photo editing and designing.

DS106 Logo

This 2 star assignment required me to design a logo for ds106 radio that could go on a shirt or a bumper sticker. Naturally, I went with an 80s theme!

I used and looked through their 80s category for stock photos. I found this little cassette picture:

I first added the text. I chose a pixel font and added an outline and shadow. I tried to use bright, gaudy colors to match the theme. I put on an effect to make it look aesthetically blurred and colorful. It almost looks 3D. I also cropped it into an oval shape.

I really played with the effects to make it look a believable ds106 logo!

I miscounted on my last post I’m actually up to 14.5 stars now.

Click If You Want To Be Happier

This is my try at creating a motivational poster! One of my favorite animals is an otter, so I browsed some pics of them on Google images to start. I wasn’t sure what my message was going to be yet, but I thought this picture was adorable. I then started thinking of otter puns. This one came to mind!

I first got onto and uploaded my otter picture. I edited the picture slightly for better quality and added a silly water border that Pixlr had to choose from. I added the text with a cute font and made sure it was legible against the background.

The poster I made ended up looking like it’s hanging up in a doctor’s office or an elementary school classroom. I felt like connecting the image with the text was the most important part of this design project, so the pun really brings it together!

This was a 3 star assignment which brings me to 12 stars out of 15.

Creative Writing Club Plug

This is a design assignment worth 3 stars! For this assignment, I was tasked to create a poster for an event! As the secretary and social media director of UMW’s Creative Writing Club, I designed a minimalist-style event poster for our weekly meetings!

I made this poster on, which seems to be my savior this week. I drew a book and pen and the site gave me options to choose from some nice icons. I made sure to include the most important details about the club such as the meeting time and place as well as our email! I also wanted to put our Twitter and Instagram info on there, but I feel like the poster would have looked too busy if I put it on there. I also wasn’t sure how to center everything nicely.

For the colors, I didn’t want to put anything on that was too bright, but I still wanted it to pop. I chose pastel pink and white over a gray background so you can clearly read everything. The icons are simple and convey what we do at Creative Writing Club which is you know…write!

This assignment was relaxing and useful to get my club some publicity! Email if you’re interested in joining!

Four Icons…One 80s Movie

For this creation, I had to compile three icons that sum of a movie! I won’t tell you which 80s movie this is, so leave a guess! I used for this 3 star assignment as well because I think it’s useful to create icons! I tried my best to lay down some of the most important icons in the film itself. I used my laptop trackpad to make loose shapes of what I wanted, and then I let the website guess and replace the image for me.

The first image is a television, the second is a house, the third is an angry ghost, and the fourth is a sort of vortex or portal (It was originally a lollipop but I edited it haha).

I’m excited to comment and guess on other posts this week!

Footloose (but minimalist)

Here’s my attempt for a 3.5 star assignment to create a minimalist movie poster. The goal here was to use clean lines, spacing, and non-detailed elements to create a movie poster! I chose Footloose for mine. I knew what I wanted to do, but I’m not great at drawing. I came across a website called that had exactly what I was looking for.

On this website, you can draw a shape, and a bunch of clip-art like images will appear to guess what you are drawing so you can replace your ugly shape. I started to draw the iconic shoes from these images:

I positioned them opposite to each other like in the second image because I thought it looked nicer, and the font I used was similar to the original logo. Other than the logo, I used subdued colors for the sake of minimalism!