Played From Another Room – Tutorial!

I’ve done this assignment and it turned out great! Check it out here to hear what it is supposed to sound like.

I used a tutorial myself to make this, so I would love to make a text version of my own. Keep in mind I am using an Apple computer, so I cannot speak for any differences for a Windows computer.

  1. To start, you need to download the free audio mixing application, Audacity.

If you’ve never worked with audio editing software before, it might look a little overwhelming, but the process of making this assignment is very simple.

2. Start by selecting File—>Import—>Audio. Select your desired song. You cannot alter purchased official music, but you can edit other audio files you have downloaded.

3. Next, you double click the audio. The background will turn from gray to white to indicate it has been selected.

4. As the audio is selected, click the “Effect” tab and scroll down the long list to “Low-Pass Filter”

5. Once you click Low-Pass Filter, this window will pop up:

The default setting is different than this one, but this is the handy pre-set for creating a muffled effect: 1500.0 and 36dB.

6. Once you click “OK” the filter will be applied and your audio will successfully sound muffled as if it is playing from another room.

7. You’re finished! Optional things could be to add some reverb for echo or adjust the volume. You could also equalize it.

I hope this was helpful!

Radio Show Kool-Aid Commercial

Here is a commercial I created for my group’s radio show, 80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About! My boyfriend helped record this with me.

I always thought these Kool-Aid commercials were pretty silly, so I wanted to do a bit of parody of one for this 5 star assignment.

I got the riff in the background and the male scream from and we recorded the rest ourselves. I edited it together in audacity using the “telephone” equalization to make it sound like older quality audio. I also did a lot of fading out and balancing to make everything flow together.

Kool-Aid doesn’t actually have 86 grams of sugar and it can’t actually be beige, so don’t worry! I had a lot of fun with this one.

An A Capella Attempt

Listen, I’m not a singer but this looked kind of fun anyway. I had to try singing with myself. I decided to make up a little jingle as I went. I play viola and violin, but I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to being in the right pitch or creating harmonies. I honestly just winged it and used my ear.

This assignment is 2.5 stars! So, I actually used an app on my phone to record this called Acapella. It made the recording process a little simpler than trying to match up my own audio because it had a little countdown and a metronome option. I added minor effects to it in the app as well like a little reverb on one of the tracks.

To get this on here, I didn’t want it to come with the video so I uploaded an unlisted version to YouTube and downloaded the mp3 for SoundCloud.

I think it came out cute, but as Randy Jackson would say, I’m “a little pitchy…”

Imagine You’re On the Beach…

Close your eyes…and listen to this 2.5 star audio assignment.

My inspiration for this was spa-style massage music. I can think of no more relaxing place than the beach.

This was pretty simple to make. I used to find ambient sounds and music that would fit together. To me, the most relaxing instrument is the harp. I sought out harp music and combined it with gorgeous sounds of waves. I added reverb to the harp music to give it an echo-y feel that sounds like it would be meditation music. I also sprinkled seagulls in some sections to increase the beach feel.

Everybody REALLY Wants to Rule the World

I knew I wanted to make at least one mashup this week. I was originally trying to do a true mashup or remix, but this was my first time ever working with audio and using Audacity and I realized how difficult and unfamiliar it is to me. I’ll explain more in my weekly summary, but I now present, Everybody Really Wants to Rule the World, a mix of the original song from the 80s by Tears for Fears, a cover-band called Ninja Sex Party, and the popular yet edgy pop singer, Lorde.

It switches to the NSP at around .55 seconds, and then shifts to the Lorde version around 1:30 and plays the rest of the way through. Since I already spent hours attempting to mash up other songs together which led to me having nothing to show, I decided to pick this assignment which called for me to blend an original song with covers of the same song. This way, I felt like I can just focus on the transitions between them.

I didn’t want to upload this one on SoundCloud because they would probably take it down, so I uploaded it directly! The original version of this song is very similar to the NSP version, but I still had a hard time blending them seamlessly. I tried adding fade effects so they could overlap slightly and make the transition slightly softer, but it still didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to. Shockingly, the more interesting transition came with the Lorde version. I chose the bridge for this version to come in because I thought it would emphasize the differences between this one and the others.

The Lorde version is drastically different from the others, which adds an interesting, darker spin on the original song as well as NSP’s cover. I honestly didn’t like this version at first, but it actually grew on me a bunch! Maybe one day I will figure out how to effectively mash up songs besides just transitions, but that day is not today. This assignment was worth four stars which finishes my week at fifteen stars I think.

The Essential Breakfast Club Mixtape

For this 4 star audio assignment, my mission was to make a mixtape! I decided to make a playlist with songs inspired by the main cast of the Breakfast Club.

I used spotify to easily give me access to any song I could need, and I chose three tracks for each kid.

Track 1-3 Claire Standish “The Princess:

Primadonna – MARINA

Miss Americana &The Heartbreak Prince – Taylor Swift

Don’t Call Me Angel – Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Ray

I selected these songs to capture the combination of Claire’s external association with materialism and her tendency of being uptight, as well as expose her insecurities as the “popular girl”

Track 4-6 Allison Reynolds “The Basket Case”

Poison – Cavetown

Creep – Radiohead

Nobody – Mitski

These songs were inspired by Allison’s strange tendencies and subsequent isolation. People stay away from her because they don’t try to understand her. One of the first lines said to her is “What’s your poison?”

Track 7-9 Andrew Clark “The Athlete”

Sunflower – Rex Orange County

Slow Down – Matthew Heath

Talk – Khalid

Andrew Clark is a model jock character who has a sense of justice but is immature emotionally. I chose songs based around communication and motivation.

Track 10-12 Brian Johnson “The Brain”

Perfect – Simple Plan

Danny Don’t You Know – Ninja Sex Party

Mind Over Matter – Young The Giant

For the Brain, I had to go with at least one parody song about being a nerd. The other two centralize on maintaining perfection and upholding a fragile reputation.

Track 13-15 John Bender “The Criminal”

Bad -Michael Jackson

New Light – John Mayer

Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds

I had no choice but to put the end song in this playlist, it would feel empty without it! Bad obviously highlights John’s delinquent actions while New Light begs to be given a second chance as a person.

A Simple Sound Effect Story

This is worth 4 stars, which puts me currently at 7 stars. This is my story with only sound effects.

It is a dark and stormy night, the grandfather clock chimes and…you have to go downstairs and feed your cat

I used ¬† to find various sounds that interested me. I mostly made the story up along the way. Having something significant happen in such a short time frame was difficult, but I ended up with this! I’m starting to understand how to use Audacity a bit more. I liked the atmosphere of setting my mini story during a storm. The first time I tried to upload, it actually turned out that I was accidentally using a clip from a song in which there is a thunderstorm, so I had to replace it. During the process, I think something important to know is to adjust the volume of each track so one doesn’t sound too loud over the other unless it’s intentional.

“Sanctuary” from Kingdom Hearts 2 but it’s coming from another room

This assignment challenged me to edit a song to make it sound muffled as it was coming from a different room! This is worth three stars.

I have never used audio editing software before so it was definitely a learning experience. I downloaded Audacity, a free audio mixing application. I followed this YouTube tutorial to create this effect. I selected the song “Sanctuary” by Hikaru Utada because I think it’s very beautiful and ethereal sounding song. I thought it would sound really cool from a distance.

The first effect that I added was called a “low-pass filter” The tutorial gave me certain numbers to input in this section, but I also played around with a few to see how it would change. Once I applied the filter, the audio sounded significantly more muffled. It already sounded like it was coming from a different room, but I decided to mess with it more and add distortion and reverb for more of an echo-y effect.

You’re 8 years old tucked into your bed and your older sibling and their friend are sitting on the couch in the room over at 1am playing the Kingdom Hearts 2 opening song over and over again because they finally beat it after several hours of attempting the final boss