80s Battle Angels?

Good evening everyone! Get ready for a weird visual assignment I completed today.

My task was to edit some weird eyes on people akin to anime characters or Alita: Battle Angel…Although I got a little crazy with the photo editor. Assignment link located HERE

I’m not very experienced with photo editing, so I wanted to try something silly before I jump in to creating art or something with little room for mistakes.

I decided to give some popular 80s movie characters a new bug-eyed look along with doing some interesting face twisting for your viewing pleasure.

Doc and Marty, but creepier

I went on to Pixlr to see what I could do to enlarge the eyes in the photo and there was luckily, an enlargement tool. Easy enough. However, things got funky with the Breakfast Club kids when I found twisty tools in the editor.

No wonder these students were outcasts at their school…

I made myself laugh this morning making these so I hope you guys smile too. It’s amazing what a little twisting can do to make someone unrecognizable and artificial. It’s like backwards airbrushing that celebrities do to their photos.

I didn’t think anything could ruin Patrick Swayze. I stand corrected.

For my take on Dirty Dancing here, I discovered the minimizing tool. By enlarging the eyes, making other features smaller became even better. Baby is one of my favorite movie characters because I’ve always thought she was adorable! Now look what I’ve done to her!

On a deeper level, even though I made silly pictures, it was interesting to look at the faces of such iconic characters and see what I could do to twist them up. Even just enlarging the eyes made such a difference in dismantling their perfect idealized movie appearance. If you are ever feeling down about how you look, try this out!

Weekly Summary 8/30

This week was enlightening to me in respect to how simple setting everything up actually is! I’m very nervous about having a YouTube and a SoundCloud because I’ve never broadcast myself in that way, but if it’s for storytelling, it might turn out to be fun. I’m already comfortable with twitter and instagram, and I’m honestly just intrigued by the future projects of this class.

I did two daily creates this week yesterday and today. One was a question about what we still do that people used to do in the 80s, and the other was to make a fake book cover.

I’m very proud about how my fake book cover came out! Overall, I’m enthusiastic about my very first online course. It will probably end up time consuming but not tedious.

Until next week!

On The 80s

Like most eras, the 80s are painted to be a blast. Fun fashion, rockin’ music, brand new amazing movies, and care-free teens. We romanticize the 80s and compress it into a modern aesthetic. I mean, look at all of the things from the 80s that are coming back! There are covers of popular 80s songs like Africa, people wearing huge baggy clothes and bright colors, and reboots of popular movies like Dirty Dancing. I wish we learned more about the 80s than just the fun stuff that went on.

I think it’s awesome to enjoy the nostalgia, but has anyone seen Sixteen Candles in the past few years? That movie has got some weird racist and sexist things going on. The 80s seemed fun but I’m glad I live in 2019.


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