Weekly Summary 10/25

This week was an exciting opportunity to look at all of things I’ve made over the past 9 weeks. I decided to go for one rework and one remix. We also got to listen to radio shows on ds106radio.

I thought my reworks went really well. I think both of my posts changed the original content significantly. I’m particularly happy with my poster redesign of the Creative Writing Club poster. I thought remaking it completely was the right decision. I got to try a different design style other than minimalism.

The best part of the week was listening to the radio shows. I really enjoyed hearing how other groups organized their shows and hearing everything put together. There were so many cool commercials and bumpers that connected interesting 80s content. I also linked together daily creates that can be found in this post.

Connected Daily Creates

This is my mild attempt at connecting some daily creates. The loose narrative here is someone who longs to do new things in their life! It begins with someone who lists two truths and a lie, all of which are activities. The next tweet is talking about all how getting old isn’t all bad! There’s more time and freedom to do all sorts of exciting things! But before you set off on your journey, grab a snack from the fridge…

Alone, but Content

For this rework/remix, I’ve decided to expand upon an audio piece I completed. I used free sound to make an atmospheric beach scene complete with seagulls a few weeks ago, but I wanted to add a story-like element to it. I created a short piece of writing to go with it. I didn’t alter the sound.

Close your eyes. Breathe. Open them. Breathe.
Put on your beach clothes, slather on sunscreen.
Feet in the sand, ears open to the waves.
This is how you "relax."

These things can help, I guess,
But the chasing waves don't chase your deadlines,
And your feet in the sand won't heal your blisters.
So you breathe.

Let yourself be calm,
But don't let yourself forget.
Tell yourself you'll be okay,
Because you will.

You don't need to be zen,
Your relaxing could be dancing,
Or you can ride the waves,
Or scream at the seagulls.

The water foams like a latte,
The air tastes like salt.
For a moment, you let yourself
Breathe and relax.

This is based off a lesson I had to teach myself about knowing how to relax. Not everyone’s definition of being content is the same. This is a freeform poem that’s meant to be all over the place, but atmospheric. This can be read separately or with the relaxing beach noises I mixed together.

I’m a Writer, Not a Designer

For my first rework, I decided to re-do my club poster.

This time, I went for a completely different feel. The first time I did this design assignment, I went for a minimalist look. The end result looked a little crammed and I wasn’t thrilled with the colors. A classmate, Melody, left me a comment with design suggestions on my last post, so I tried to follow them in this poster. This one has a more elegant feel to it.

I used Pixlr instead of the site I used last time and I found this stock image of an ink pen that was perfect for the Creative Writing Club aesthetic. I really tried to think about the arrangement and size of the words. I wanted it to be legible and pleasing to the eye. I added a filter that muted the colors a bit and added a tasteful vignette.

I think this poster is much nicer than the last, and it also has updated information about where the club meets!

Potential Project Idea…

I am a creative writing major, so I definitely want to do a writing project in some form. My idea is to create a short story with digital media incorporated into it. It would be a standard written story set during the 80s, but I would like to incorporate music, possibly maps, character art (even though I’m not an artist), or other various projects. These elements could add more detail to the story and help people visualize it!

Radio Listen

The past two nights I took to Twitter to listen to the radio shows created by other groups as well as my own. I listened to Tubular Tunes last night as well as some of 80s Television Power Hour.

It was fun to hear how other groups organized their shows. It seems like both of these groups did their segments entirely separate, unlike ours. Our radio show has more of a podcast style that is more casual and conversation-like than these groups who are going for more of a discussion/educational approach. This isn’t a bad thing, I thought it was a neat way to present their info. There were more opportunities to add things like sound effects which is pretty charming. Tubular Tunes picked out some really cool songs from today and the 80s which was fun to listen to. It really felt like a radio show when they would let them play and then go in to talk about them after. It was also amusing to listen to the various ads and bumpers. The ads were particularly fun to hear. I loved the “jelly shoes” commercial during the Television Power Hour.

Hearing mine was of course, a tad embarrassing. Hearing my voice on air is always a little weird. However, I am thrilled with how our podcast turned out. I really enjoyed seeing the reactions on Twitter to our commentary and I think people really got a kick out of the silly Kool-Aid commercial I made. I’m happy talking about some of the subjects in these films could get some people to start critically thinking when watching older movies.

Weekly Summary 10/18

This was an exciting and nerve-wracking week for me! I had never recorded my voice before for a radio show/podcast, and I was kind of nervous to not have a script. Once I sat down to do it, I instantly became more comfortable since it felt more like just a conversation.

The process for recording and editing went very smoothly, and I enjoyed preparing for the radio show and watching the movies from the 80s. I talked about most of it during my radio show progress post, but I had a relatively easy time editing my segment and recording with my group!

I’m interested in hearing what other radio shows ended up sounding like!

I completed two daily creates this week!

Radio Show Week 2

The first week, our group put all of your ideas together and made a plan…This week, we executed it!

We knew we wanted to focus on two movies per the two genres we chose, so we decided to record our show in four separate segments connected by our commercials and bumpers. We decided to organize it so the horror movies were first, followed by the two rom-com movies.

Our recording process was so much quicker and easier than I thought it was going to be. I reserved a quiet room, and we met up with our notes about the movies we watched/rewatched during the weekend. We didn’t write any type of script, so we really just sat down and recorded the whole thing very smoothly.

After recording, we were each assigned to edit individual segments for equalization, cleaning up, or adding any extra audio. I worked on the When Harry Met Sally bit since I was the most active with the rom-com half. I added in a little voice clip from an iconic scene from the film since we talked about it during the recording.

Overall, everything went great. The group was amazing! Everyone was so friendly and easy to work with. I would be interested in doing something like this again some day.

Radio Show Kool-Aid Commercial

Here is a commercial I created for my group’s radio show, 80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About! My boyfriend helped record this with me.

I always thought these Kool-Aid commercials were pretty silly, so I wanted to do a bit of parody of one for this 5 star assignment.

I got the riff in the background and the male scream from freesounds.org and we recorded the rest ourselves. I edited it together in audacity using the “telephone” equalization to make it sound like older quality audio. I also did a lot of fading out and balancing to make everything flow together.

Kool-Aid doesn’t actually have 86 grams of sugar and it can’t actually be beige, so don’t worry! I had a lot of fun with this one.

Weekly Summary 10/11

This week kicked off our planning for our radio show groups! I met up with my group and they all are kind, helpful, and very creative. I’m excited to see how our podcast turns out. In a way, I kind of got my wish for the show, which was to analyze movies through different lenses. We still have plenty of work to do for it, but we are definitely off to a good start. For more info, check out my radio show progress post!

I had to do audio assignments again, which I am not a fan of, but I tried my best. I completed exactly ten stars.

An A Capella Attempt

Imagine You’re On the Beach…

Kool-Aid Commercial

Overall, it wasn’t a difficult week. I enjoyed meeting with my group and planning out radio show. I also commented on a fair few of blogs as well! I love seeing where other people are going with their ideas.

Daily Creates: