Weekly Summary 9/6

This week was finally getting into all the real stuff. With all of the accounts set up and ready to go, I was ready to check out that Assignment Bank. I was so pleasantly surprised when I started digging through the prompts in there. All of them are creative and fun to do! I think having the freedom to choose whichever ones I want is the best thing about it. There’s nothing worse than being assigned something that is completely out of your comfort zone or technical skill. I started off a little easy this week, but I’m definitely going to be taking on some more difficult or time-consuming assignments in the coming weeks.

I interacted on a few blog posts, adding comments guessing the 80s song as well as complimenting the work done in visual assignments. I’ve also been chatting a bit on Twitter.

My daily creates were cute too. I really like interacting with other classmates on twitter and seeing how other people answer the question or create of the day. It’s a really positive environment. Looking back I realized I forgot to tag one correctly. This week, I completed four daily creates:

I’ve already lined up the assignments that I want to complete for next week, so I’m going to keep trying to make weird fun stuff for everyone to read.