Weekly Summary 9/27

Oh my goodness. This was a difficult week for me. I whined about how I had never done photography last week, but audio is a whole different monster. At least I have edited photos a little bit in the past, but this was my first time ever working with audio. I was most excited to attempt to make a music mashup because I really enjoy listening to those in my free time! However, I must have spent HOURS trying to put songs together with nothing to show for it. I was just too unfamiliar with Audacity to make it work. I tried looking at tutorials, but most of them used terms and numbers that I just didn’t know what to do with.

I accomplished some other cool things this week though! I had some successes with my audio work and I think I’ll try to play with Audacity more until I can finally make a cool music mashup. I was really happy with how my “muffle the music” assignment came out most of all. All of my Audio Assignments are located HERE The rest of my posts from the week are also on my blog!

I’m nervous about the group work in the upcoming weeks but I really like the idea of making a radio show. I don’t like hearing my own voice but I do like sharing opinions and stories.

Here are my daily creates this week: