Weekly Summary 10/4

Here is my complete list of work this week:

Star Assignments:

Four Icons…One 80s Movie

Footloose (but minimalist)

Illustrating a Song

Creative Writing Club Plug

DS106 Logo

Click If You Want To Be Happier

Design Reflections:

This Kidd is Pretty Good

Meg’s Design Blitz!

This week was comfortable for as well as new and interesting. I felt like I put the skills I learned during the week for visual assignments to use for the design projects. I made use of photo editors this week to attempt graphic design. I especially liked reading the design resources and learning different aspects of graphic design as art.

I think reading the Brain Pickings article and looking at the design resources page changed the way I see book covers and random architecture. I never thought I would be interested in school posters, but I found myself mentally critiquing them this week.

I definitely prefer design assignments to audio, and I look forward to implementing these skills in my future projects in this class as well as outside ds106.

Here are my daily creates:

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