Tweet-Along Reflection

I participated in Thursday night’s ds106 radio tweet-along party! It was a pretty good turn-out, and we all listened to an audio story about the legend of the Vanishing Woman. The tale was about a woman and her mother who checked into a French hotel. When suddenly, her mother collapsed in their room. Her daughter called the front desk to ask for a doctor frantically. The daughter was sent in a cab and when she came back, her mother had disappeared! She insisted to go to her hotel room but it was not at all how she left it. It had new furniture, walls, and carpet. The listeners are left wondering is she really was crazy or if it was all just a set up to cover up a death. I won’t spoil the story though.

The audio of the reenacted story added various effects to make it all seem more life-like. There were birds chirping and traffic while the characters were outside and you can hear the main character’s heavy breathing in stressful situation. The people telling the legend also put some funky effects in the background of them interjecting to tell the story.

It was fun to read what everyone else was thinking on Twitter during the broadcast!