This Kidd is Pretty Good

This is my first time deeply thinking about graphic design. For instance, it never occurred to me that every single manmade thing or building is designed in some way. It made my whole world feel a little bigger. As I sit in this coffee shop writing this post, I’m looking at all of the shapes of chairs, tables, windows, and signs. It’s something I would normally completely overlook.

Chip Kidd is behind dozens of beautifully designed book covers. Although we try not to judge a book by it’s cover. We all do anyway because why else would you pick up the book anyway? The cover can tell you about what type of book it is. Is it serious? Is it romantic?

Chip Kidd describes graphic design as problem-solving that makes something look cool in the process. I agree with this definition of design because when I attempt to make a poster or logo, it’s all about making pieces fit together aesthetically.

Graphic design at its core is also art. It’s been around almost forever and it is necessary for attracting the eye. There is not an exact right way to do it either.