The Essential Breakfast Club Mixtape

For this 4 star audio assignment, my mission was to make a mixtape! I decided to make a playlist with songs inspired by the main cast of the Breakfast Club.

I used spotify to easily give me access to any song I could need, and I chose three tracks for each kid.

Track 1-3 Claire Standish “The Princess:

Primadonna – MARINA

Miss Americana &The Heartbreak Prince – Taylor Swift

Don’t Call Me Angel – Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Ray

I selected these songs to capture the combination of Claire’s external association with materialism and her tendency of being uptight, as well as expose her insecurities as the “popular girl”

Track 4-6 Allison Reynolds “The Basket Case”

Poison – Cavetown

Creep – Radiohead

Nobody – Mitski

These songs were inspired by Allison’s strange tendencies and subsequent isolation. People stay away from her because they don’t try to understand her. One of the first lines said to her is “What’s your poison?”

Track 7-9 Andrew Clark “The Athlete”

Sunflower – Rex Orange County

Slow Down – Matthew Heath

Talk – Khalid

Andrew Clark is a model jock character who has a sense of justice but is immature emotionally. I chose songs based around communication and motivation.

Track 10-12 Brian Johnson “The Brain”

Perfect – Simple Plan

Danny Don’t You Know – Ninja Sex Party

Mind Over Matter – Young The Giant

For the Brain, I had to go with at least one parody song about being a nerd. The other two centralize on maintaining perfection and upholding a fragile reputation.

Track 13-15 John Bender “The Criminal”

Bad -Michael Jackson

New Light – John Mayer

Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds

I had no choice but to put the end song in this playlist, it would feel empty without it! Bad obviously highlights John’s delinquent actions while New Light begs to be given a second chance as a person.