Mother Knows Best

This writing assignment calls for writing a scene from a movie from a different perspective. What is more fun than writing as the villain? The scene I’m interpreting is from the movie Tangled featuring Rapunzel and Mother Gothel. This scene takes place when Mother Gothel confronts Rapunzel alone in the woods to try to convince her to go back home with her. Instead of Rapunzel’s perspective, I’m going to try portraying Gothel.

It was already becoming clear to me that this could definitely be a problem. I lurked in the bushes, watching Rapunzel speak to that ridiculous thief, Flynn Rider. As the two of them talked and joked by the fireside, I recognized my worst fear: Flynn Rider, a lowly thief was falling in love with my flower. I backed away and peered into the river lit by the moon. Little scraggly pieces of silver hair glinted back at my scowling face. I gently touched my face, feeling the unfamiliar wrinkles I’ve managed to avoid for hundreds of years.

I heard the fading of Flynn’s voice and I quickly rose up from the side of the river. Flynn wandered away, giggling and I recoiled in disgust. It was time to get myself back.

“Oh Rapunzel?” I called out innocently.

“Mother!” She jumped in surprise and a hint of fear. Her fun little adventure was over now.

Confidently, I stepped into the firelight, hiding the satchel containing Flynn’s coveted crown.

“You have directly disobeyed me and I was worried sick, my flower!” I said sternly.


I eyed her shining hair. If only I could just cut it, and I would never have to deal with this petulant girl again.

“That’s enough, Rapunzel,” I whispered. “We’re going home now. You’ve already been exposed to so much danger.”

Mother, I think Flynn…might actually like me,” Rapunzel said hesitantly. Her voice was soft and quiet.

“Likes you? Please Rapunzel, that’s demented. This is why you never should have left!” I strut around her bringing my wrinkled hand to my forehead. “This whole romance that you’ve invented just proves you are too naive to be here…” How could she be this stupid?

I caught Rapunzel’s eyes watering and she consciously looked down at her feet.

“But Mother…” She squeaked.

“You really think he’s impressed? Come on now look at you.” I lift up her precious hair and pass by her, anger bubbling inside me at her defiance.

“Don’t be a dummy, come with mummy…Mother knows best!” I finish my warning.


I whip my head back to stare at Rapunzel. “No?”

This was the final straw. She was going to see things my way now. I knew I was starting to run out of time.

“I see how it is, if your man is such a dreamboat and you’re so mature now, then go ahead and give him this!” I brandished the glimmering crown at Rapunzel.

“How did you-?” She started.

“This is why he’s here, don’t let him deceive you…Give it to him and watch, you’ll see!” I began to raise my voice. I tossed the crown to her.

“I will!” Rapunzel challenged, grasping the crown tightly.

Trust me my dear, that’s how fast he’ll leave you! I won’t say I told you so,” I hollered. “Now put him to the test!”

Rapunzel backed away, Her face flushed and her eyes dripping slightly.

“And remember…Mother knows best.”

This scene is the reprise of Mother Knows Best. I tried my best but I didn’t transfer every lyric perfectly to this. I tried to add some thought process to Gothel and make it more personal by writing it in first person. It was kind of difficult to depict the sheer tension and drama that the song holds from the movie. I’ll embed the scene below.

This assignment is 4 stars, which puts me at 10 stars total so far!

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  1. I love the idea of writing from the villain’s perspective! I’ll have keep ideas like this in mind for future assignments.

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