Meg’s Design Blitz!

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Here is my design blitz for the week of design! I will go through each image in the order they appear and talk about which design principles I relate to them.

Jumping right in, the first image is the cover of the graphic novel, Watchmen. I absolutely love this cover, and I think it’s simplicity draws you in. You wonder what is on the cover until you actually open it, and the colors are dynamic and bright. The bold typography of the title that seems to connect to the right side of the cover is interesting and cool to look at.

The next image is a poster for UMW’s center for historic preservation. I actually am critical of this poster. I think this is a good example of a poster with too much going on graphically. It misses the balance between simplicity and complexity with its use of of colors, images, and background contrast with each other negatively. For example, the colors of the photograph on the right does not match the color pallet of the rest of the poster at all. The text is kind of unbalanced and awkwardly placed as well. There is no balance or symmetry in the poster as a whole.

The third image is of a building here at UMW. This is not an example of graphic design but it is architecture designed by man. I think this building is an excellent example of rhythm and symmetry. There are repeated arches, balconies, and windows that it almost perfectly symmetrical.

The fourth image is a collage of UMW women from the early days of the school. An eagle is printed over it and shaded in a different color. I think it’s a lot to look at up close, but far away, I think the design is really interesting. I think the key here is unity. The parts work together apart as well as make an image together.

The last image is one of UMW’s fountains. The fountain is an interesting example of dominance. Without the stream of water, the base of the fountain is just round and flat. There isn’t any dynamic parts to look at. It was made this way to deliberately draw your eye to the water part of the fountain.