Google, You’re Too Smart!

Good morning everyone! To anyone who might not know, Google is celebrating it’s 21st birthday this month on the 27th. I’m also turning 21 this month but Google is much smarter than I am.

This week, I challenged Google to a good ‘ole fashioned game of Pictionary nicknamed “Google Quick, Draw!” The web assignment is located HERE. The idea of the game is to draw what the website tells you and Google attempts to guess what it is as you draw it. You only have 20 seconds.

Keep in mind I was drawing on my laptop track pad, so my work is definitely not great. Here were my results:

How was I supposed to draw animal migration?

Google threw some words at me and I tried my best, and it mostly paid off. However the difficulty of drawing animal migration in 20 seconds with a track pad tripped up both me and Google. There was also trouble with the word helmet because I struggled to draw rounder shapes and a stick figure to wear the helmet.

I was quite impressed with how it guessed beach so quickly as well as calendar. I tried one more time.

Camouflage? Ok Google.

This round was even more surprising to me. I think a human would struggle with some of these like camouflage, power outlet, my poor drawing of flip flops. Technology can be scary sometimes with how intelligent it’s getting, but also pretty fun.

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  1. This is so cool I had no idea Google even had this feature. I love your captions too 🙂 It’s kinda crazy to see how far digital intelligence has come and this is an interactive way to see that!

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