Four Icons…One 80s Movie

For this creation, I had to compile three icons that sum of a movie! I won’t tell you which 80s movie this is, so leave a guess! I used for this 3 star assignment as well because I think it’s useful to create icons! I tried my best to lay down some of the most important icons in the film itself. I used my laptop trackpad to make loose shapes of what I wanted, and then I let the website guess and replace the image for me.

The first image is a television, the second is a house, the third is an angry ghost, and the fourth is a sort of vortex or portal (It was originally a lollipop but I edited it haha).

I’m excited to comment and guess on other posts this week!

8 Replies to “Four Icons…One 80s Movie”

  1. I love this! My guess would be The Shinning? You have the ghost, tv and lolipop. I really like the guessing part to your blog. I think you inspired me to give it a try!

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