Four Icons…One 80s Movie

For this creation, I had to compile three icons that sum of a movie! I won’t tell you which 80s movie this is, so leave a guess! I used for this 3 star assignment as well because I think it’s useful to create icons! I tried my best to lay down some of the most important icons in the film itself. I used my laptop trackpad to make loose shapes of what I wanted, and then I let the website guess and replace the image for me.

The first image is a television, the second is a house, the third is an angry ghost, and the fourth is a sort of vortex or portal (It was originally a lollipop but I edited it haha).

I’m excited to comment and guess on other posts this week!

8 Replies to “Four Icons…One 80s Movie”

  1. This creation was excellent, I loved the color layout you had on this image and how you tried to give us hints without describing it. My guess would be ghost busters, or full house. LOL.

  2. I love the design! Is it Poltergeist? The one with the little girl hearing voices from the TV? That was one of my favorite horror movies!

  3. I love this! My guess would be The Shinning? You have the ghost, tv and lolipop. I really like the guessing part to your blog. I think you inspired me to give it a try!

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