A Little Splash of Color

This is my creation for the assignment “Color Splash” which was to edit a photo to have only one figure or object in color.

I immediately thought of this apple-picking picture of me from last summer because of how bright my hair and dress were. All of the other scenery around me in the original photo is green and blue.

To make this, I used the online photo editor Pixlr. I played around with some of the settings that had to do with black and white, but I wasn’t sure how to isolate the black and white in just a few places. To find out, I gave it a good Google search and figured out what I was missing: Layers!

I uploaded the same photo in two different layers. I made the first layer black and white, and left the second as it was. Next, I used the cut-out brush tool to cut the black and white layer, but just me. You can change the brush sizes easily as well as soften the edges to easily create this effect.

This color splash was 3.5 stars, which means I’m now at 10.5/12.

One Reply to “A Little Splash of Color”

  1. I like the angle of this photograph- it leads my eye from the right corner to the left where you have your arm stretched out. It creates visual interest that perhaps would not be there if it had been a straight-on shot. And I love the contrast between the yellow and black & white! I did this assignment too by using the lasso selection tool in Photoshop. Layers work too though; there’s a million ways to do the same thing in photo editing!

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