Back to the Future I guess

This writing assignment requires me to take the synopsis of a T.V. show, movie or book and rewrite the plot in a way where the plot is still factually the same, but feels very different. Here is my take:

A young man named Marty gets into a pretty cool looking car but when he gets out, he ends up in a world in which he hasn’t been born yet. As he tries to find a way back to his time, Marty attempts to stay away from his young, hot mom hitting on him and to help his nerdy dad get a date to prom. If his parents don’t dance together then Marty dies. Marty enlists the help of a crazy old guy and they decide Marty needs to ruin a perfectly good clock to generate the power he needs to make that cool looking car to run correctly again. Will Marty avoid losing all of this body parts and still make it back to where he came from?

As you may have guessed, this is my attempt to remix the plot from Back to the Future. This is one of my favorite movies from the 80s and I thought it would be fun to remix considering how strange it already sounds on it’s on. There is obviously a lot of detail I was forced to leave out considering the nature of the assignment as a synopsis, but I might use Back to the Future for a different assignment later in the semester because I love it so much. I tried to be as dramatic as possible. I thought the thumbnail featuring The Wizard of Oz for this assignment was hysterical, so check that out if you’re interested.

This assignment is 2.5 stars which puts me at 6 stars so far. Until next time!