Heathers Haiku

Here is a quick thematic one star assignment. Another one of my favorite 80s movies is Heathers, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The movie has since been turned into a musical! A quick synopsis before the haiku…

The dark comedy centers around Veronica, a popular girl in high school who surrounds herself with three other girls all named Heather. They are a clique who most people in school either hate or want to be. Veronica begins to be interested with a strange classmate named J.D. who turns out be a lot stranger then she initially thought as she gets roped into committing murder.

No hangover cure
Not actually oral sex
A school-wide explosion

Spoiler warning! Don’t read if you want to watch Heathers and don’t want to know what happens! (even though this is an 80s movie)

All three lines of this haiku reference the lies or schemes that J.D. plans in the movie to commit various murders with the help of Veronica. I thought these three would sort of tie the film together thematically due to the escalation that occurs. In the beginning, Veronica seeks revenge on Heather Chandler but J.D. actually serves Heather drain cleaner, telling her it will cure her hangover from the party the prior night. Veronica was horrified by this, but attempts to cover up the murder anyway. Next, J.D. and Veronica lure the school bullies, Kurt and Ram into the woods promising oral sex, but instead, J.D. shoots them, further terrifying Veronica. Since the haiku is only three lines, I had to sacrifice some events, but the last crime J.D. commits is to blow up the high school, serving as a dramatic ending to the film.

Currently at: 11 stars out of 12