My Very Own Face

For this challenge, I had to stare at my face in mirror for one minute and describe it as detailed and as honestly as I could!

Freckles, freckles, and freckles are scattered around everywhere on her heart-shaped face. The tip of her nose, the bottom of her lips, and all about her forehead was littered with constellations and little specks of brown. Sweeping pieces of brown hair with bits of purple shadowed her forehead, obscuring the crater scars of past acne that she hopes will fade eventually. Her bangs weren’t perfectly even, but no one but her would notice. Thick, dark brows that appeared haphazardly maintained arched over her gray-blue eyes. Underneath her stormy eyes, little purple pockets, well, eye-bags impose a “haven’t slept” look on her face even though she very well always chooses sleep over work. Although too young for wrinkles, tiny lines creep put from where she smiles a crunched up and squinty smile, showing straight teeth achieved after years of being a brace-face. Her nose, larger than average, is a tent smack in the middle of her face, sporting a bump that gives her nose a slightly irregular shape.

This assignment puts me at 13 stars! Yay! I tried to be as least narcissistic as possible and to honestly describe my face in an interesting way. The way I wrote this could probably serve as an overly descriptive picture of a character in a book or something.