Weekly Summary 9/20

This week, I was faced with my biggest fear: Photography! No, I’m just joking. Last week, I was much more comfortable with the writing assignments! However, I actually did learn how to do some cool stuff with photos. I specifically like creating original art I’ve never tried before and editing photos. I like changing pictures but not taking them.

I really enjoyed hand-picking visual assignments. I had a very stressful week, so it was nice to check in and do something creative for class!

Here’s the link to all the work I’ve done:


Switch up the Mood

Color Splash


Pixel Art

Recreated Movie Scenes and Posters

Photo Experience

Here are my daily creates:

Weekly Summary 9/13

This was a busy week for me! I completed a total of five writing assignments with a total of thirteen stars all located under this my blog’s Writing Assignments tag. As a creative writing major, I enjoyed this week’s work. I tended to lean towards more shorter assignments than less longer ones due to the nature of my schedule this week, but this seemed like a good start to a class based around storytelling. I hope to try a longer work later in the semester when I have more time. I’m really nervous about doing some digital work that I’m not as familiar with later this semester, but I am going to remain to have an open mind and trust myself to follow some really good tutorials!

I’m liking the 80s theme more than I thought. I’ve already talked about a few different films and songs related to the 80s. One of my favorite things that I did was actually my story analysis of The Handmaid’s Tale. I absolutely love interesting expansive worlds in fiction and being able to talk about a show that I’m currently watching was super refreshing. I completed three daily creates this week embedded below:

I commented on various blogs through out the week to leave some compliments on hard work completed by the other students in the class! I like being able to share who I am through all these different accounts that I’ve created for this class, but this blog is by far the coolest in my opinion. I really like having my own space to share things from this class and learning how to use my domain for personal projects in the future!

Weekly Summary 9/6

This week was finally getting into all the real stuff. With all of the accounts set up and ready to go, I was ready to check out that Assignment Bank. I was so pleasantly surprised when I started digging through the prompts in there. All of them are creative and fun to do! I think having the freedom to choose whichever ones I want is the best thing about it. There’s nothing worse than being assigned something that is completely out of your comfort zone or technical skill. I started off a little easy this week, but I’m definitely going to be taking on some more difficult or time-consuming assignments in the coming weeks.

I interacted on a few blog posts, adding comments guessing the 80s song as well as complimenting the work done in visual assignments. I’ve also been chatting a bit on Twitter.

My daily creates were cute too. I really like interacting with other classmates on twitter and seeing how other people answer the question or create of the day. It’s a really positive environment. Looking back I realized I forgot to tag one correctly. This week, I completed four daily creates:

I’ve already lined up the assignments that I want to complete for next week, so I’m going to keep trying to make weird fun stuff for everyone to read.

Weekly Summary 8/30

This week was enlightening to me in respect to how simple setting everything up actually is! I’m very nervous about having a YouTube and a SoundCloud because I’ve never broadcast myself in that way, but if it’s for storytelling, it might turn out to be fun. I’m already comfortable with twitter and instagram, and I’m honestly just intrigued by the future projects of this class.

I did two daily creates this week yesterday and today. One was a question about what we still do that people used to do in the 80s, and the other was to make a fake book cover.

I’m very proud about how my fake book cover came out! Overall, I’m enthusiastic about my very first online course. It will probably end up time consuming but not tedious.

Until next week!