Recreated Movie Scenes and Posters

My roommate Kenzie and I spend most of our nights hanging out and watching romance movies or bad movies in our dorm at night and one day, we attempted to recreate some scenes and posters from them!

Lala Land (2016)

This image is of a scene from Lala Land as well as the iconic picture from the movie poster. This is Kenzie and I’s favorite movie, and for some reason we saw the lamp posts on the UMW campus and decided to reenact this scene. It turned out really cute, but if I could re do it I would take it at night with some costumes as well as frame it like the poster does. The poses were surprisingly difficult to get right. We had to snap the picture as we jumped into that dancing pose.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

In this one we were laughing too hard to get that same expression that Augustus and Hazel have in this movie poster. It was also very bright outside.

To relate to our theme, this is a photo I took this week for Sixteen Candles also known as one of the most politically incorrect movies of the 80s that’s not even that good. That aside, it’s got an iconic movie poster. This one turned out great!

This assignment is worth 3.5 stars! This is the beginning of week 3 assignments for me!