Mini Movie Trailer

As I said in a previous post, most of “80s Braincells You Forgot About” has come together again to make our video story. This time it will be a narrative mini movie. We met and planned out everything, but we have not yet met up for filming as of the end of this week. So, for this trailer, I took advantage of the fact that I’m the “main” character.

This footage most likely won’t be used in our final movie, but I recorded it with my roommate based on the ideas my group had, so the clothes I’ll be wearing won’t be exactly the same.

iMovie has amazing templates for “Hollywood Style” movie trailers that I got to used to produce this. I used a template called “indie” because I thought it suited our tone! I recorded a whole punch of footage around campus and edited together. Unfortunately, I had to record all of this on an iPhone, so the formatting is messed up, but our actual movie will be shot with an actual camera.