“Misplaced” The Mini Movie

Behold! The mini movie, “Misplaced” made by myself, Kuri, Tala, and Will!

This took a ton of time to film, and I am super proud how it turned out. We worked really hard and learned a lot! Shooting always took much longer than we thought it would. I earned some respect for actors and crews. There is so much planning that went into our little movie, and I can’t even imagine if it had to be even longer.

I wish we had more time to put it together! If we had more cameras, microphones, or lights, the production might have been easier. We had to shoot a lot of scenes several times and we were constantly worried if the camera would pick up our voices enough. Some of the story parts might be confusing because of this. We really put a ton of effort into making this and I’m happy that our group got to reunite and make something cool!

Filming Day 2 and 3

We didn’t finish filming on day one, so we picked up over the next two days! There were lots of laughs as we tried to get through it. We all collaboratively thought of new interesting shots and ways to make our movie more interesting or understandable.

My favorite scene to shoot was probably the library scene. I had to act annoying and distracted by modern technology until the other characters sent me away. We kept laughing while trying to film but we were in the Simpson Library so we had to try to be quiet. We also decided to call our movie “Misplaced” because of all of the people and objects that were misplaced throughout the movie!

It was a relief and a little sad for the filming our movie to end.

Filming Day 1

Our group met over the weekend to begin officially filming our 80s themed mini movie. Kuri brought her own camera, so she was behind the camera majority of the time, along with Will when she had to be in scenes.

It was pretty embarrassing to be filmed! I’ve never been in a movie before, but it was also a lot of fun. We experimented with a few different types of shots and we filmed in several locations around campus. We only filmed about half so far, but we are making great progress!

We haven’t been filming in chronological order, so when we meet up again this week, we have to make sure we look the same as we did in the other scenes to avoid inconsistencies.