Beetlejuice! Short Shot Analysis

For my video essay, I decided to take a look at a scene from Beetlejuice. I saw it for the first time this week for Halloween. Since the movie is from 1988, it worked perfectly for our theme.

I utilized iMovie to edit together some footage from the movie with an audio voiceover. For the sake of ease, I muted the Beetlejuice footage and recorded my own audio separately. I also put an instrumental track in as well for some light background noise. I downloaded the clip from a different YouTube channel and kept the watermark for credit.

The tough part of editing this all together was getting events in the video to line up with my voice and trying to keep a viewer entertained. I also had to use a shorter clip and stretch it to fit all of the things I wanted to say.

iMovie was very intuitive to work with. It was simple to split clips and modify them by adding replays, freeze frames and adjusting the volume. I was intimidated by this software and there were a few hiccups, but as I work more with iMovie, my content will improve! Give it a watch for some insight into this particular commercial scene of Beetlejuice.

Hopefully, YouTube won’t take this down for some reason but if they do, I have an extra copy I can send or re-upload somewhere else.