Radio Show Week 2

The first week, our group put all of your ideas together and made a plan…This week, we executed it!

We knew we wanted to focus on two movies per the two genres we chose, so we decided to record our show in four separate segments connected by our commercials and bumpers. We decided to organize it so the horror movies were first, followed by the two rom-com movies.

Our recording process was so much quicker and easier than I thought it was going to be. I reserved a quiet room, and we met up with our notes about the movies we watched/rewatched during the weekend. We didn’t write any type of script, so we really just sat down and recorded the whole thing very smoothly.

After recording, we were each assigned to edit individual segments for equalization, cleaning up, or adding any extra audio. I worked on the When Harry Met Sally bit since I was the most active with the rom-com half. I added in a little voice clip from an iconic scene from the film since we talked about it during the recording.

Overall, everything went great. The group was amazing! Everyone was so friendly and easy to work with. I would be interested in doing something like this again some day.