Radio Show Progress 1

My group is called “80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About” and it consists of me, Tala Saleh Iliana Loaza, Kuri Benitez, and William Pencak. As some other groups, we have decided to use the radio show space to examine 80’s pop culture, specifically movies.

We met up and decided to split up our show into segments. What seemed to work best with the format with five members, we have decided to analyze different genres. Tala, Iliana, and Kuri are going to watch horror movies from the 80’s and critique various aspects of them, and William and are going to look at rom-coms. (I’m to scared to watch horror) We are going to talk about how they stand today, their impacts, how they were received, and anything else interesting we can say about them.

The movies William and I will talk about are Sixteen Candles (1984) and When Harry met Sally (1989). I picked the first because I have seen it and I wanted to bring about some conversation about retro nostalgia and how it can be harmful. I haven’t seen the second, but I heard it was great and I wanted to check it out.

I have to make a commercial for it tonight, and I plan on recording an ad for one of the films or something random from the 80’s.