Radio Listen

The past two nights I took to Twitter to listen to the radio shows created by other groups as well as my own. I listened to Tubular Tunes last night as well as some of 80s Television Power Hour.

It was fun to hear how other groups organized their shows. It seems like both of these groups did their segments entirely separate, unlike ours. Our radio show has more of a podcast style that is more casual and conversation-like than these groups who are going for more of a discussion/educational approach. This isn’t a bad thing, I thought it was a neat way to present their info. There were more opportunities to add things like sound effects which is pretty charming. Tubular Tunes picked out some really cool songs from today and the 80s which was fun to listen to. It really felt like a radio show when they would let them play and then go in to talk about them after. It was also amusing to listen to the various ads and bumpers. The ads were particularly fun to hear. I loved the “jelly shoes” commercial during the Television Power Hour.

Hearing mine was of course, a tad embarrassing. Hearing my voice on air is always a little weird. However, I am thrilled with how our podcast turned out. I really enjoyed seeing the reactions on Twitter to our commentary and I think people really got a kick out of the silly Kool-Aid commercial I made. I’m happy talking about some of the subjects in these films could get some people to start critically thinking when watching older movies.