Visual Storytelling and Photos

So here’s my experience with photography: No.

I’ve taken plenty of pictures with my phone, with a polaroid, and with an old digital camera I had, but nothing really professional. I take photos for memories and not art or storytelling. I love to doodle, but I’m definitely no artist. Despite this, I think photography is an extremely important facet to storytelling and visual art in general. The way photos can indicate feeling or even narrative can be really abstract and difficult to explain. I guess meaning can from the positions, lighting, and actual content of a photo. Just like a few people in class have already done, there can be an entire story in one image if you use your imagination.

I can try to improve my photography by learning about it in the first place. I’ve never tried framing a photo to be perfect or capture a specific moment in a certain way, but I’ll see what I can do with my assignments this week.