Alone, but Content

For this rework/remix, I’ve decided to expand upon an audio piece I completed. I used free sound to make an atmospheric beach scene complete with seagulls a few weeks ago, but I wanted to add a story-like element to it. I created a short piece of writing to go with it. I didn’t alter the sound.

Close your eyes. Breathe. Open them. Breathe.
Put on your beach clothes, slather on sunscreen.
Feet in the sand, ears open to the waves.
This is how you "relax."

These things can help, I guess,
But the chasing waves don't chase your deadlines,
And your feet in the sand won't heal your blisters.
So you breathe.

Let yourself be calm,
But don't let yourself forget.
Tell yourself you'll be okay,
Because you will.

You don't need to be zen,
Your relaxing could be dancing,
Or you can ride the waves,
Or scream at the seagulls.

The water foams like a latte,
The air tastes like salt.
For a moment, you let yourself
Breathe and relax.

This is based off a lesson I had to teach myself about knowing how to relax. Not everyone’s definition of being content is the same. This is a freeform poem that’s meant to be all over the place, but atmospheric. This can be read separately or with the relaxing beach noises I mixed together.

I’m a Writer, Not a Designer

For my first rework, I decided to re-do my club poster.

This time, I went for a completely different feel. The first time I did this design assignment, I went for a minimalist look. The end result looked a little crammed and I wasn’t thrilled with the colors. A classmate, Melody, left me a comment with design suggestions on my last post, so I tried to follow them in this poster. This one has a more elegant feel to it.

I used Pixlr instead of the site I used last time and I found this stock image of an ink pen that was perfect for the Creative Writing Club aesthetic. I really tried to think about the arrangement and size of the words. I wanted it to be legible and pleasing to the eye. I added a filter that muted the colors a bit and added a tasteful vignette.

I think this poster is much nicer than the last, and it also has updated information about where the club meets!