A Look at Photography

I examined a few images from the various galleries linked on the weekly blog!

INXS, 1987 by Lynn Goldsmith
Color: Black and White    Type: Archival Digital Print    Edition: Limited Edition of 20    Signed: Signed

The most evident aspect of this photo that I noticed was depth. The way this photo looks like it’s bending is interesting. The lines in this image create perspective and dimension. There’s also a sense of asymmetry with the uneven number of people on each side of the car which creates an element of disorder. On top of the angles of the photo, the environment and the expressions on the faces of the individuals give it the element of both seriousness and unity. The use of the black and white filter also emphasizes this.

Image via Frank Horvat. READ MORE: Fascinating Photos of New York City in the Early 1980s

I was really drawn to this particular picture because I feel like there is no clear focal point. The image almost looks symmetrical, but it actually isn’t. The angle of which the photo is taken is not completely straight and the focus is more on the windows themselves rather than the actual people looking through them. This kind of photo seems to fit really well for setting in a story. The dim lighting creates a darker sort of atmosphere because this was presumably taken in the subway. Lastly, the colors in this photo, although dark, are gorgeous. It says a lot about New York and the grittiness of city life itself.