Click If You Want To Be Happier

This is my try at creating a motivational poster! One of my favorite animals is an otter, so I browsed some pics of them on Google images to start. I wasn’t sure what my message was going to be yet, but I thought this picture was adorable. I then started thinking of otter puns. This one came to mind!

I first got onto and uploaded my otter picture. I edited the picture slightly for better quality and added a silly water border that Pixlr had to choose from. I added the text with a cute font and made sure it was legible against the background.

The poster I made ended up looking like it’s hanging up in a doctor’s office or an elementary school classroom. I felt like connecting the image with the text was the most important part of this design project, so the pun really brings it together!

This was a 3 star assignment which brings me to 12 stars out of 15.