Played From Another Room – Tutorial!

I’ve done this assignment and it turned out great! Check it out here to hear what it is supposed to sound like.

I used a tutorial myself to make this, so I would love to make a text version of my own. Keep in mind I am using an Apple computer, so I cannot speak for any differences for a Windows computer.

  1. To start, you need to download the free audio mixing application, Audacity.

If you’ve never worked with audio editing software before, it might look a little overwhelming, but the process of making this assignment is very simple.

2. Start by selecting File—>Import—>Audio. Select your desired song. You cannot alter purchased official music, but you can edit other audio files you have downloaded.

3. Next, you double click the audio. The background will turn from gray to white to indicate it has been selected.

4. As the audio is selected, click the “Effect” tab and scroll down the long list to “Low-Pass Filter”

5. Once you click Low-Pass Filter, this window will pop up:

The default setting is different than this one, but this is the handy pre-set for creating a muffled effect: 1500.0 and 36dB.

6. Once you click “OK” the filter will be applied and your audio will successfully sound muffled as if it is playing from another room.

7. You’re finished! Optional things could be to add some reverb for echo or adjust the volume. You could also equalize it.

I hope this was helpful!