“Moon Graffiti” Reflection

Listening to Moon Graffiti is actually my first encounter with a podcast as a storytelling medium. The only other podcast I’ve heard before is My Brother, My Brother and Me, which isn’t a drama or a narrative. Overall, I thought that science-fiction based off of real events was an interesting genre for a story. I’ve never been one for space related things, (I honestly have a fear of space) but I thought the concept was cool.

I was most intrigued by the implications of not viewing anything and only using your ears to listen. In modern media, we are most inclined to consume narratives with our eyes, whether it’s reading words, looking at graphics, or moving pictures accompanied by sound. I did enjoy it, but I found that I get easily distracted unless I close my eyes and focus.

One of my favorite aspects of an audio narrative is the use of silence as well as sound effects. I found that the absence of sound during the story was one of the most effective tools for creating tension. Without any visual aid, you are simply waiting to hear what happens next. The specific example I’m thinking of is in the Moon Graffiti episode when the crew first crashes. You hear loud effects, but then just silence. It leaves you on the edge of your seat trying to determine what exactly had just happened.

I guess podcast stories and dramas can be compared to someone verbally telling you a story in person. Although I still prefer a shorter story if I can only hear it.