An A Capella Attempt

Listen, I’m not a singer but this looked kind of fun anyway. I had to try singing with myself. I decided to make up a little jingle as I went. I play viola and violin, but I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to being in the right pitch or creating harmonies. I honestly just winged it and used my ear.

This assignment is 2.5 stars! So, I actually used an app on my phone to record this called Acapella. It made the recording process a little simpler than trying to match up my own audio because it had a little countdown and a metronome option. I added minor effects to it in the app as well like a little reverb on one of the tracks.

To get this on here, I didn’t want it to come with the video so I uploaded an unlisted version to YouTube and downloaded the mp3 for SoundCloud.

I think it came out cute, but as Randy Jackson would say, I’m “a little pitchy…”