A Simple Sound Effect Story

This is worth 4 stars, which puts me currently at 7 stars. This is my story with only sound effects.

It is a dark and stormy night, the grandfather clock chimes and…you have to go downstairs and feed your cat

I used ¬†http://freesound.org to find various sounds that interested me. I mostly made the story up along the way. Having something significant happen in such a short time frame was difficult, but I ended up with this! I’m starting to understand how to use Audacity a bit more. I liked the atmosphere of setting my mini story during a storm. The first time I tried to upload, it actually turned out that I was accidentally using a clip from a song in which there is a thunderstorm, so I had to replace it. During the process, I think something important to know is to adjust the volume of each track so one doesn’t sound too loud over the other unless it’s intentional.