Everybody REALLY Wants to Rule the World

I knew I wanted to make at least one mashup this week. I was originally trying to do a true mashup or remix, but this was my first time ever working with audio and using Audacity and I realized how difficult and unfamiliar it is to me. I’ll explain more in my weekly summary, but I now present, Everybody Really Wants to Rule the World, a mix of the original song from the 80s by Tears for Fears, a cover-band called Ninja Sex Party, and the popular yet edgy pop singer, Lorde.

It switches to the NSP at around .55 seconds, and then shifts to the Lorde version around 1:30 and plays the rest of the way through. Since I already spent hours attempting to mash up other songs together which led to me having nothing to show, I decided to pick this assignment which called for me to blend an original song with covers of the same song. This way, I felt like I can just focus on the transitions between them.

I didn’t want to upload this one on SoundCloud because they would probably take it down, so I uploaded it directly! The original version of this song is very similar to the NSP version, but I still had a hard time blending them seamlessly. I tried adding fade effects so they could overlap slightly and make the transition slightly softer, but it still didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to. Shockingly, the more interesting transition came with the Lorde version. I chose the bridge for this version to come in because I thought it would emphasize the differences between this one and the others.

The Lorde version is drastically different from the others, which adds an interesting, darker spin on the original song as well as NSP’s cover. I honestly didn’t like this version at first, but it actually grew on me a bunch! Maybe one day I will figure out how to effectively mash up songs besides just transitions, but that day is not today. This assignment was worth four stars which finishes my week at fifteen stars I think.