Musicians Get Animated

Good evening! This animated gif challenged me to make my favorite musician’s video into a little gif. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I’ve loved her since I was eight years old and I even saw her in concert when she had only one album out and she performed as an opening act for Keith Urban! As I got older her music matured at the same rate I did, and as a result I just never stopped listening. Taylor just dropped her album, Lover, a few weeks ago, so in honor of that…

Here’s a gif I made on Giphy of Taylor from her video ME! feat Brendan Urie.

This actually isn’t my favorite song on the album, but I love how fun this video is. Making a gif on Giphy is as simple as it gets! All you need to do is get the URL upload of the video you want the gif to come from and you trim to the part you want. I always assumed it was difficult to make gifs but I’m glad I know how to now!

Here’s my 80s content bonus gif:


This is a little part of A-Ha’s Take on Me video which I always thought was super cool. It blends drawings with real life in an interesting way and who doesn’t love this song? This scene also just screams the 80s.