Musicians Get Animated

Good evening! This animated gif challenged me to make my favorite musician’s video into a little gif. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I’ve loved her since I was eight years old and I even saw her in concert when she had only one album out and she performed as an opening act for Keith Urban! As I got older her music matured at the same rate I did, and as a result I just never stopped listening. Taylor just dropped her album, Lover, a few weeks ago, so in honor of that…

Here’s a gif I made on Giphy of Taylor from her video ME! feat Brendan Urie.

This actually isn’t my favorite song on the album, but I love how fun this video is. Making a gif on Giphy is as simple as it gets! All you need to do is get the URL upload of the video you want the gif to come from and you trim to the part you want. I always assumed it was difficult to make gifs but I’m glad I know how to now!

Here’s my 80s content bonus gif:


This is a little part of A-Ha’s Take on Me video which I always thought was super cool. It blends drawings with real life in an interesting way and who doesn’t love this song? This scene also just screams the 80s.

Google, You’re Too Smart!

Good morning everyone! To anyone who might not know, Google is celebrating it’s 21st birthday this month on the 27th. I’m also turning 21 this month but Google is much smarter than I am.

This week, I challenged Google to a good ‘ole fashioned game of Pictionary nicknamed “Google Quick, Draw!” The web assignment is located HERE. The idea of the game is to draw what the website tells you and Google attempts to guess what it is as you draw it. You only have 20 seconds.

Keep in mind I was drawing on my laptop track pad, so my work is definitely not great. Here were my results:

How was I supposed to draw animal migration?

Google threw some words at me and I tried my best, and it mostly paid off. However the difficulty of drawing animal migration in 20 seconds with a track pad tripped up both me and Google. There was also trouble with the word helmet because I struggled to draw rounder shapes and a stick figure to wear the helmet.

I was quite impressed with how it guessed beach so quickly as well as calendar. I tried one more time.

Camouflage? Ok Google.

This round was even more surprising to me. I think a human would struggle with some of these like camouflage, power outlet, my poor drawing of flip flops. Technology can be scary sometimes with how intelligent it’s getting, but also pretty fun.

80s Battle Angels?

Good evening everyone! Get ready for a weird visual assignment I completed today.

My task was to edit some weird eyes on people akin to anime characters or Alita: Battle Angel…Although I got a little crazy with the photo editor. Assignment link located HERE

I’m not very experienced with photo editing, so I wanted to try something silly before I jump in to creating art or something with little room for mistakes.

I decided to give some popular 80s movie characters a new bug-eyed look along with doing some interesting face twisting for your viewing pleasure.

Doc and Marty, but creepier

I went on to Pixlr to see what I could do to enlarge the eyes in the photo and there was luckily, an enlargement tool. Easy enough. However, things got funky with the Breakfast Club kids when I found twisty tools in the editor.

No wonder these students were outcasts at their school…

I made myself laugh this morning making these so I hope you guys smile too. It’s amazing what a little twisting can do to make someone unrecognizable and artificial. It’s like backwards airbrushing that celebrities do to their photos.

I didn’t think anything could ruin Patrick Swayze. I stand corrected.

For my take on Dirty Dancing here, I discovered the minimizing tool. By enlarging the eyes, making other features smaller became even better. Baby is one of my favorite movie characters because I’ve always thought she was adorable! Now look what I’ve done to her!

On a deeper level, even though I made silly pictures, it was interesting to look at the faces of such iconic characters and see what I could do to twist them up. Even just enlarging the eyes made such a difference in dismantling their perfect idealized movie appearance. If you are ever feeling down about how you look, try this out!


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