Final Project Progress

I thought long and hard about what kind of project I want to make, and I decided on a short story. I specifically want to write a story that is inspired by D&D. I want to make a fantasy adventure story since I don’t have too much experience writing fantasy. Since D&D was popularized during the 80s, that will be where the course theme comes in.

As for the forms I’m incorporating, I plan on drawing up a map graphic for the world that will count as design. I also want to make soundscapes for various parts of the story. I would probably use of freesound websites to create sounds such as town ambience or other atmospheric scenes to go along.

I drew a pencil sketch of what I want to map to look like and I decided to use a group of 4 characters for the main party.

I think I’m gonna make it three long chapters in the form of acts! I might also draw the characters if I feel like I’m skilled enough to do so.

Weekly Summary 11/15

This week was super fun! My remixes were especially interesting! I had trouble incorporating the theme this week. I might be a little sick of the 80’s now. I tried to squeeze it in but my assignments just didn’t align with the theme too much this week.

Mash-ups were funny. I thought they were pretty creative. I surprisingly liked making the tutorial. I think it will be pretty helpful for future students who actually want to try that assignment when they’re in this class. I didn’t notice a huge difference between mashup assignments and other categories, but I enjoyed them anyway. I thought the brand-switch project was silly in a good way.

The text story felt so unnatural but it was also a form of storytelling I’ve never encountered before, so I was very open to it. I can’t believe how close we are to the end of this long semester!

Daily Creates:

Storytelling Through Text…

Here I present my 5 star text story! My actual suite mate Melody helped me form this silly horror story filled with twists. I WAS SO SELF-CONSCIOUS OF HOW BAD I WAS AT TYPING. Thank goodness we have spell-check. All I did was write a script and then screen record the conversation.

I wanted to introduce this story very predictably and keep yanking the viewer around. I’ve never done story-telling this way before, but it does help you use your imagination. We wanted to try making the pauses at least a little realistic without seeming boring. Enjoy!

Create Your Own Character INFOMERCIAL REMIX 2

So this is my second remix assignment. The original is a fanfic assignment where you have to design an original character! However, my remix was to make it sound like an infomercial! I thought this was an interesting e challenge so here we go:

Are you tired of boring, good two-shoes Mary-sue characters? Do you want a character who’s not the generic trope “not like other girls?”

Meet Himawari (nicknamed Hima). Born in Huntington Beach, CA, she is a Japanese-American girl who is a college student in 1989. She is tanned to California perfection with long healthy dark hair. She acts very mature around her parents and peers but she is honestly very childish! But this can be charming too right?

She identifies as bisexual, she has no siblings, and she’s prone to being selfish and competitive. Hima looks for the opportunity for spontaneous adventure in her everyday life, but it never really comes. For two small payments of $500, write this character into your original story! She prides herself on her outgoing personality despite becoming lonely easily. Hima has tall skinny legs and strong arms, built for surfing and her part-time job as a waitress. She is going to community college until she’s a junior because she doesn’t know what she’s passionate about yet. Call now for this interesting character!

This kind of ended up sounding like a trailer or a character bio. It was hard to work in flaws even though I’m “selling” her like an informercial.

Another Hideous Day REMIX 1

For my first remix assignment, I clicked on writing prompts. In the original assignment, you are supposed to go outside and let yourself be inspired by nature and write about the beautiful world around you. I got the perfect remix to that. Make it emo. I wanted to write about an emo in summer though so this is just my imagination. (This is meant to sound overly edgy I promise I am ok at writing)


I’ve never wanted to be outside less in my life. I only like winter because the sky is usually gray and I’m allowed to wear as many layers as I want. People don’t tell me to put my hood down when it’s cold. So as I sit out here in the blazing heat, I think about winter. I imagine the itchy grass as white snow, cold to the touch like my soul. I brush my box-dyed black hair out of my eyes and pull out my sketchbook.

Dear Diary,

Mom is forcing me to hang out outside even though the sun wants to kill me. As a vampire, I can’t afford to stay outside too long or I’ll lose my immortality. She didn’t even give me enough time to finish teasing my hair. I have no choice but to cover myself in my black clothes and listen to MCR to ward off the sunshine. The way Gerard Way sings is almost too passionate for me to listen to, since I lack the capacity to love in my heart. Be careful or I’ll bite you.

Sincerely, Raven

I call myself Raven but my actual name is Ashley. Ashley doesn’t convey enough intimidation for my taste and ravens are associated with dark powerful birds. As soon as I turn 18 I will change my name.

The trees are swaying their thick green leaves and I wished them away. I wish I could yank them all off their branches with my fingers to leave them as empty as I felt. I resolve to listen to the birds scream. I’ll find a shadier spot and destroy as many flowers that dare to grow near me.


Sadcat Superimposition

When you finish a really good video game and you don’t know what to do with yourself

This is a 4.5 star mashup assignment where you have to superimpose images over another one. Personally, I can’t take superimposed photos seriously. They all look like memes. So I made a meme.

I took the final screen you see in one of my favorite video games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild first. It’s meant to symbolize the general feeling of completing a game, and this was the first one to come to mind. There’s a general feeling of emptiness and satisfaction when you beat a really long video game, so I made this silly picture to go with it. I put the photo in an online photo editor first.

Then, I added layers with more images. I picked photos of edited “sad cats” which are just cats with sad watery eyes on them and lowered the opacity to superimpose them on top of the landscape.

My mini story is the meme caption I wrote above! It sums up what it’s like to finish a game in an image.

Logo Switch Up

This is a two star mashup assignment! My task was to edit a brand onto a different product (that would not be related) I thought it would be a funny idea to take a company and product that had nothing to do with each other.

I hunted for red logos that looked similar. I decided I wanted to use Nintendo for one of them, so I mostly searched for similar fonts or appearances that kind of matched their logo.

Nintendo Toothpaste

I found that the Colgate logo has a similar red and white look to it! I selected this because no one would ever associate these companies with each other unless there was some sort of kid’s promotion.

I used a photo editor to stack a Colgate toothpaste tube and the Nintendo logo, and then I put the logo over the original. There was some parts sticking out, so I colored over it with the same red color.

Please don’t use a Nintendo product to brush your teeth!

Played From Another Room – Tutorial!

I’ve done this assignment and it turned out great! Check it out here to hear what it is supposed to sound like.

I used a tutorial myself to make this, so I would love to make a text version of my own. Keep in mind I am using an Apple computer, so I cannot speak for any differences for a Windows computer.

  1. To start, you need to download the free audio mixing application, Audacity.

If you’ve never worked with audio editing software before, it might look a little overwhelming, but the process of making this assignment is very simple.

2. Start by selecting File—>Import—>Audio. Select your desired song. You cannot alter purchased official music, but you can edit other audio files you have downloaded.

3. Next, you double click the audio. The background will turn from gray to white to indicate it has been selected.

4. As the audio is selected, click the “Effect” tab and scroll down the long list to “Low-Pass Filter”

5. Once you click Low-Pass Filter, this window will pop up:

The default setting is different than this one, but this is the handy pre-set for creating a muffled effect: 1500.0 and 36dB.

6. Once you click “OK” the filter will be applied and your audio will successfully sound muffled as if it is playing from another room.

7. You’re finished! Optional things could be to add some reverb for echo or adjust the volume. You could also equalize it.

I hope this was helpful!

Weekly Summary 11/8

This was our video week 2! I chose the group route, so I spent the last 2 weeks filming our mini movie that we call “Misplaced”. It was an interesting week because it was different kind of work that I would normally do. Instead of working on my computer, I was meeting with my group and collaboratively working on our film and shooting all of our scenes.

Overall, it went super well. Our group worked super well together and I enjoyed the process. It was a plus that our project turned out nicely. I feel like I’ve said enough about all of this in my production posts, so I’ll spare writing it all again. It was a good week.

Daily Creates:

“Misplaced” The Mini Movie

Behold! The mini movie, “Misplaced” made by myself, Kuri, Tala, and Will!

This took a ton of time to film, and I am super proud how it turned out. We worked really hard and learned a lot! Shooting always took much longer than we thought it would. I earned some respect for actors and crews. There is so much planning that went into our little movie, and I can’t even imagine if it had to be even longer.

I wish we had more time to put it together! If we had more cameras, microphones, or lights, the production might have been easier. We had to shoot a lot of scenes several times and we were constantly worried if the camera would pick up our voices enough. Some of the story parts might be confusing because of this. We really put a ton of effort into making this and I’m happy that our group got to reunite and make something cool!